Dil Raju – King of Hearts | A Mani Kumar Guduru Film | MANIA STUDIOS

We proudly present you, our second production titled
“Dil Raju” (King of Hearts) from MANIA STUDIOS.

Raju who leads his life in local slums of Hyderabad, falls in love with a medical inter during her visit to his slum. He tries to impress her with his massness & madness with the help of his chilhood friends.
The story is all about how Raju becomes “Dil Raju” – King of Hearts

Casting :

Leads: Shantanu Tiwari, Sharanya Pratap
Supporting Roles : Yashwanth Reddy, Nanda Kishore, Shoaib

Technical Team:

Production No : 2
Producer: G S S Kamala
Direction: Mani Kumar Guduru
Story, Screenplay & Dialogues: Mani Kumar Guduru
Cinematography: Mani Kumar Guduru
Editing: Mani Kumar Guduru
Assistant Direction: Rohit Kompella
Publicity Designer: Shawnwazz
Music composed by: Anirudh – Manoj (GrandBoy Music.)
Keyboard & Guitars: Anirudh Yerramalli
Mixing & Mastering: GrandBoy Music.
Recording Studio: Enoch Jagan Studios
Dubbing: Swetha Chawali
Singer: Manoj Hathwar
Lyrics: GrandBoy Music. & MANIA STUDIOS
Promotions: Sandeep Krishna (Darling)
Stills & Operative Camera: Rahul Gudipudi
Brand Partners: Dubknockers, orionex studios
Mania Studios Team : Nitish Menon, Bhargav Sharma, Vidhi Jain, Sujaritha.S, Nikesh Raj, Sandeep Krishna (Sandies Melodies).


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